Clinical Hypnotherapy 4 Sessions

First Session - 90 Minutes

In the first session, your Clinical Hypnotherapist will listen to you, ask questions, counsel you, etc. The Hypnotherapist will creating an individualized roadmap for you to achieve your desired goals in the most efficient and effective way.

There is nothing specific you need to do or prepare for your first session. Your therapist is trained to draw all the information necessary from a friendly conversation with you.

Hypnosis will be explained before you are guided into a wonderfully relaxed state. In hypnosis, various techniques may be applied and you will be brought out calmly, easily and comfortably.

Often, it is the case that hypnosis is so enjoyable that clients want to stay relaxed and peaceful for much much longer!!

Subsequent Sessions - 60 Minutes

Following brief counseling to confirm outcomes from the last session, you are guided into hypnosis once again and various therapeutic techniques may be applied to reach the desired goals.

Fees and Charges

 4 sessions online package, first session 90 minutes + 3 x 1 hour sessions $ 540

Many conditions can be greatly improved or resolved within 4 sessions - some people may need more sessions

( Must be purchased at 1st session and used within 6 weeks.)

Past Life Therapy Session

Past life therapy has proven to treat different conditions in just one session. I am a certified practitioner.

Past life therapy tries to focus on events or issues that originated in the current lifetime. if the origin is not found in the present life, then we ask the subconscious to take us to a past life to the time when it originated.

This method is very flexible, based on the principle that each person is unique. It can easily be adapted to the requirements of each client and each session, in order to look for the most positive outcome.

Fees and Charges:

Online session ( 120 - 180 minutes ) -- $240

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